Included in your service:
Inspect your suspension and steering system;
Check your tire pressure and air condition;
Adjust your camber, toe angles (if adjustable) and caster to the manufacturer’s specifications.
Road–test your vehicle to make sure your alignment is straightforward.
Why is a wheel alignment essential for my vehicle?
Proper wheel alignments can help progress your driver safety, help increase fuel efficiency and create a smoother ride. Alignments could save you more than hundreds of dollars on replacing tires due to impulsive tread wear.
When should I bring my vehicle in for a wheel alignment?
Most manufacturers recommend getting a four-wheel alignment at least once a year. Other times you may need a front-end or four-wheel alignment include:
- After purchasing a set of new tires;
- After a collision, hitting a large pothole or accident;
- When replacing steering parts or suspension;
- If you believe your vehicle pulling to one side when driving;
- If your steering feels unsteady or you feel a vibration;
- If your tires are wearing squeal or unevenly on turns.
  • #1 Crooked steering wheel.
  • #2 Uneven tire wear.
  • #3 Shuddering or wheel vibration, usually felt in the steering wheel.
  • #4 Wandering on a level, straight road.
  • #5 Pulling to one side or the other.
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