Why should I lift my ride?
One of the primary reasons for installing truck suspension lift kits is to raise the height of your ride off the ground to facilitate steeper descent or ascent off-road, and higher ground clearance. In general, it makes sense that when driving over slogging through mud, coasting across the desert, boulders or even just making your way through the irregular forest trail, higher clearance facilitates negotiating definite obstacles.

When it comes to adding suspension lift kits to create a style statement, looking good is the easy part. Sometimes it's easy to ignore general, everyday performance in the midst of decking out a ride. For this reason, choosing the correct suspension lift kit with attention to comfort, durability, safety, reliability and not to mention price, should be given just as much concern as those precious inches you want to add.
Where can I get my truck lifted?
Mr. Lube has certified qualified technicians that are passionate about and skilled with the products we offer. Our accessories sales staff and technicians are dedicated to deliver the highest quality workmanship, because we are off-road enthusiasts and know these products from our personal real world use.

We strive to provide the options, information and resources that provide you with the most modified outfit experience. Equipping your car with the highest quality equipments at the most comprehensive professional support and most competitive prices.

You'll never have to guess at what a new or lift wheels will look like on your truck. The Mr. Lube produces customized before and after renderings of each outfitting options. So you can take your time to ensure your investment is the one you will love.
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